Unmatached Experiance

A Marketing and Sales Hired Gun for all of New England

Experience: The Foundation of Expert Marketing and Sales Consulting

Turn To New Media New England found his passion for Marketing after years of working hard in the trenches selling a broad spectrum of goods and services to a wide range of customers. Whether it is hands on experience with door to door direct marketing to a business' customer base or selling goods and services to Fortune 500 companies based out of Manhattan, John has done it.

Nothing can replace direct, long term experience being in the trenches working to build trust and new business. […]
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Experience: International Business, Travel, and Cross Cultural Communication

Turn To New Media New England has a firm foundation to be the best sales and marketing consultant available today. In-the-trenches, real experience in sales and marketing that will ensure synergy between your marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Want to make the most of your revenue and market expansion efforts? John also has personal experiences unique and essential to our ever shrinking business world.

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How is Marketing Your Business in Rhode Island Different from EVERYWHERE Else?

Let's face it - Rhode Island citizens are like no other people in the world. We have our own vernacular, our own style, our own attitude, and our own preferences. If a local business in the Ocean State wants to market and sell products and services, it helps to follow some sage advice... […]

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